Collective Worship at Great Wishford

Our Church

The school has very close links with the church of St. Giles. 

                                                  St Giles, Great Wishford - Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust     

Every Wednesday we have collective worship led  by our Open the Book team.

We also use the church for regular whole school church celebration services i.e  Harvest, Christmas, Easter, Values reflections and other special occasions. 


Collective Worship                                          Welbourn C of E Primary School

Worship is an important part of life at Great Wishford.  We have Collective Worship every day to share in celebrating God's love and learn more about our Christian faith.  Through stories, songs, prayer and sometimes even games, we aim to help the children to develop their spirituality, as well as their understanding and respect of the beliefs of others.

  1. Monday - Whole School Values Worship led by Miss Cleaver or the guardians' of the school ethos team
  2. Tuesday - Class Worship led by class teachers 
  3. Wednesday - Worship through story led by our Open the Book team
  4. Thursday - Living Faith led by our teaching staff
  5. Friday - Celebration Worship (including community members) led by Miss Cleaver and class teachers
We have lots of opportunities for parents, family and friends to join us in Collective Worship.  Class led Values services at St Giles' Church each term, as well as other special services such as those mentioned above, and our Celebration Worship each Friday allow us to gather together as a community. 
                                                      How Core Values Can Change Your Life
Our core values promoted through our collective worship are important for all of our pupils to learn, whether they come from a Christian background or not.  Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship, but we encourage the involvement of all our pupils so that their values for life and their sense of belonging as a member of our school community are developed and strengthened.