February 2024

8th February 2024

The Annual Great Wishford Primary School Pancake Race 2024


The weather held and the going was firm enough to satisfy even the more demanding pancake racers and so the wonderful Annual Great Wishford Primary School Pancake Race went ahead.  The course was blessed by the Rector as race official and what fun was had by all.  It was noted that the pancakes were so finely made this year, that it caught out some of the speedier competitors, as their pancake disintegrated in the their slipstream,  giving the more steady runners a chance to overtake.  Others followed their Hollywood dreams and emulated Forest Gump and headed solo off the end of the course for the far end of the play ground, cheered on by parents, pupils, Staff  and race officials alike.  It was a joy to see the elder children willing on the very youngest and evidence truly of the "Wishford Way" in action.

None of this would be possible without the contributions of some very kind individuals.  Michelle, Louise for pulling together the administration, Anna for baking (solo) 100 pancakes and the team of Friends of the School helping sort out the races and the post match tea and pancakes (Chelsea, Emma, Lia, Keely, Hannah).  Particular thanks to Tracy Benecke for painstakingly labelling the new very smart race banners for the children. 

Finally thank you too to the parents who were able to  support and make it more special for all the children.  We really are very grateful.


Please come along to our school book fair starting Tuesday the 20th of February and running until the 26th February 2024. This will be open in the school library after school each day.

Please note no cash can be taken and must be payment by card.

Before half term children were sent home with a £1 Book Token which they can use at the Book Fair. For any children who missed these tokens we have more available so please do ask when you come along.

Many thanks to the Friends of Great Wishford for giving their time to run this after school each day.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

KS2 Matilda School Play
A massive well done to all that took part in the Matilda play acted out at lunchtime today - it was incredible! The singing, the dancing, the acting and the support given by the production crew and the audience!
A special well done to Freya the producer of the show along with Poppy and Lily-Mae on pulling the show together and making sure it ran smoothly.